Hong Kong images – part one

Miss my time in Hong kong….


We now post some images taken recently in Hong Kong (by my wife while on holiday there, 15 May through 24 May, 2019).

These next few pics are of street scenes in HK.

Another scene.

Interesting color foliage on a tree in springtime is visible here.

There are lots of tall buildings in this Asian metropolis.

A colorful shuttle bus on the street.  Note the currency symbols for Yen, US dollars, and Euros visible in this image.

A small cat on the floor of a drugstore is seen in this next pic.

Springtime showers brought in dark, cloudy skies at times.

These next 3 images are of the famous Hong Kong skyline.

Under cloudy skies, the skyline is still quite impressive.

A final view of the skyline across the water.

This next shot appears to have been taken at twilight.

Hong Kong at night.

. . . . to be…

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