Hong Kong images – part two


Here are some more pics taken recently in Hong Kong.

A walk in the park yielded many nice scenes for photos, but also a few nasty insect bites.

Another scene in the park.

19th century canon on wood support structure.

It is not clear what this is, but we chose to share it as it is interesting looking.

Next, we see a view through the trees of distant high-rise buildings and mountains in the far distance.

The next several photos are of various attractions in Hong Kong.

Another view.

A pond in a park.

Here is an intriguing scene with clouds and tall buildings in the distance, and also plants and a golden pagoda like structure in the foreground.

A peaceful setting in the fast paced Asian metropolis is seen here.

An aquatic scene here.

A man made waterfall is aesthetically refreshing here.

The remaining photos are from the Ten…

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