Huawei employees admit links to China’s military and intelligence, British report claims

China News


Throughout the conflict between Washington and Huawei, a central theme has been the alleged connections between the company and state defense and intelligence agencies in China.

The theory goes that the company has links and is obliged, under Chinese national security legislation, to collaborate with the state when asked to do so—and, where the company is supplying core networking equipment to overseas countries, that this carries clear risk.

Along with the question of hidden backdoors in hardware and software products, it is these state security links that Huawei has gone to the greatest lengths to deny.

But the debate will now intensify again, after the Telegraph reported on Saturday (July 6) that „Huawei staff have admitted to having worked with Chinese intelligence agencies in a ‚mass trove‘ of employment records leaked online.“

The investigation—conducted by the Henry Jackson Society, a think tank that has warned on Huawei before—claimed this…

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