350+ COVID-19 Test Cases: Hydroxychloroquine ‘Tremendous Positive Results’, ‘Potent Efficacy’, No Hospitalizations

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According to two just-published studies in medical journals and one anecdotal report from a COVID-19 hotspot, at least 350 patients with the COVID-19 have been successfully treated with Hydroxychloroquine. A New York City physician reports a 100% efficacy rate, meaning zero of the “hundreds” of infected patients receiving the treatment required hospitalization.

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For those who do ultimately recover, the duration of the recovery period from the COVID-19 viral infection is 20 days on average.

A clinical trial reported in a new study (Gautret et al., 2020) with a small sample size (36) shows Hydroxychlorine and Azithromycin treatment led to a “reduction/disappearance” of COVID-19 infection in 3-6 days for 100% of the patients receiving treatment.

Image Source: Gautret et al., 2020

Another new study (Gao et al., 2020) from February tested more than 100 patients infected with COVID-19 in China.

The results revealed a…

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