Blaming China soothes an America fighting COVID-19 — Fabius Maximus website

Tweet Summary: A crisis reveals hidden things about nations and shatters outdated beliefs about the state of the world. So it is with COVID-19, as America confronts the harsh fact that its response to COVID-19 has been inferior to China’s. By Photocreo Bednarek. AdobeStock-331015273.East vs. West The age-old race for leadership between East and West…

über Blaming China soothes an America fighting COVID-19 — Fabius Maximus website

Autor: uwe.roland.gross

Don`t worry there is no significant man- made global warming. The global warming scare is not driven by science but driven by politics. Al Gore and the UN are dead wrong on climate fears. The IPCC process is a perversion of science.

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