Korean Sauteed Rice Cakes (GF)

The Gastronomy Gal

Cook up some flavorul and filling restaurant-style Korean sauteed rice cakes for only a quarter of the price!

Korean rice cakes, called tteok, are rice cakes made from grains of rice that have been broken down into fine flour. Because it is made from rice, it is gluten-free and is the perfect dish for anyone who is gluten intolerant, has Coeliac’s disease, or simply trying to reduce gluten intake. Keep in mind that soy sauce does contain gluten, so you would have to purchase gluten-free soy sauce. Tteok is a staple in Korean cuisine and is typically eaten in a red, spicy stew or stir-fried with a lighter sauce. I made the stir-fried version and it is so flavorful and packed with plenty of vegetables!

Because the dish is a stir-fry, you may toss anything you would like into the dish. Traditional ingredients would include pork or beef, carrots, napa…

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