The Erosion of NZ Property Rights

Sto Vounó

NZ has a tradition of encouraging home ownership, seen as a buffer against poverty and providing security and a high quality of life for families.

‘’When you dispossess people of their land, regardless of the colour of their skin, it drops those people into poverty’ (West Coast iwi)

Core values, our democracy and our sovereignty are now under threat as New Zealand politicians prefer to apply an ideology sponsored by the United Nations bureaucracy and associated interest groups rather than to be guided by the wishes, needs and values of New Zealanders.

There is a concerted move in New Zealand to:

  • Undermine private land ownership
  • Encourage or enforce high density living
  • Prioritise ‚rewilding‘ over human welfare
  • Change our way of life for the worse

Almost 30% of sparsely-populated New Zealand is reserve Crown land.  This does not include the Te Urewera forest, formerly the North Island’s largest…

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