President Trump Addresses Recent Riots In One Of His Greatest Speeches (VIDEO)

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The postPresident Trump Addresses Recent Riots In One Of His Greatest Speeches (VIDEO)appeared first onAmerican Lookout.

President Trump gave a speech after the successful launch of the SpaceX rocket.

Before that however, he addressed the recent riots unfolding in American cities.

He talked about George Floyd and how some people are dishonoring his memory.

He also spoke about the importance of law and order. It was one of his best speeches ever.

The Hillhas highlights:

Trump calls Floyd death ‘grave tragedy,’ decries violent protests in Florida speech

President Trump on Saturday called the death of George Floyd a “grave tragedy” while decrying “violence and vandalism” as protests rippled across the country in the aftermath of the incident.

Floyd, an unarmed black man, died in police custody on Monday in Minneapolis.

“The death of George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis was a grave tragedy. It…

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