Understanding and navigating Hong Kong’s security law

China News

Riot police in Mongkok Hong Kong Riot police in Mongkok Hong Kong

US Secretary of State Pompeo says new security law will be a ‘death knell’ for Hong Kong’s autonomy.”

“China warns UK of economic damage unless it backs down.”

“National security law for Hong Kong to boost ‘one country, two systems’ and ensure freedoms beyond 2047.”

What are business leaders to think as they wake up to such screaming and conflicting headlines each morning?  Will passage of the new security law mean the end for Hong Kong’s special status?

Or will the territory continue to serve as an entrepôt between China and the world? Why is Beijing passing this law now and what are the real risks of doing business in Hong Kong and China?

In search of answers, I’ll look at the motivation behind Chinese behavior, outline potential best, worst and most likely scenarios and make recommendations to assist businesses in navigating the ever-changing Chinese landscape.

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