Berlin „Die Reihen des …………“ ? Migrantendemo „Familien gehören zusammen“ Wilhelmstrasse

Die neuen „Reihen des Grauens“ in Berlin heute Nachmittag 13.7.2020. +++ Migranten-Demo in Berlin: „Familien gehören zusammen“ +++ Diese Demonstration zieht gerade durch das Zentrum der Hauptstadt. Hier Aufnahmen aus der Wilhelmstraße. Der Slogan „Familien gehören zusammen“ wird skandiert.

Germany’s Ties With the CCP | Epoch News

In recent years, Germany’s policy toward China has mainly been set by the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Though she was concerned about human rights issues and the rule of law during her visit to China in May 2018 when she met with Li Wenzu and Xu Yan—wives of Chinese human rights lawyers Wang Quanzhang and Yu Wensheng—she was more concerned with other interests, especially the German-Chinese economic and trade relationships. Therefore, Merkel has adopted a more accepting and forgiving attitude toward the CCP authorities. In September of 2019, Merkel made her twelfth visit to China during her term. Though the public has reached out to Merkel for help on human rights issues, the number of German-Chinese talks on human rights violations committed by the CCP has decreased. Beijing even canceled talks on human rights between Germany and China. U.K. and U.S. politicians have condemned the CCP’s push for Hong Kong’s National Security Law, but the German government has not criticized the Chinese Communist Party’s repressive policies and remained silent. As a result, criticism against Merkel’s policy toward China is mounting. Qin Peng said that during a time when the U.S. and Australia are accusing the CCP of covering up the epidemic, German politicians chose to keep a low profile, and are only concerned about doing business.

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