Fall Classic flasher exposing new ways to maintain notoriety

have been known more for a buxom beauty who flashed her wares than the ultimate champions, whose roots were in Montreal.

The Washington Nationals defeated the Houston Astros last year to claim baseball’s biggest prize, but the biggest pitch was thrown by Julia Rose, who conspired with Lauren Summer by flashing their bare breasts at Astros starting pitcher Gerrit Cole during Game 5 .

The national stunt was hatched to draw attention to Rose’s boobs-centric online magazine, ShagMag.

Rose would earn a life-long ban from MLB stadiums, but the 26-year-old L.A. resident and self-confessed sports nut has no regrets.

Cole signed a mega-free agent deal with the New York Yankees and has blocked Rose on Twitter.

“It was one of the top moments of my life,” Rose told the New York Post. “I’m still banned from any baseball games, but it’s worth it. I’ve always chased adrenalin.”

By baring her breasts, Rose saw a huge spike of followers on Instagram. At last count, she has 4.8 million, and earned more notoriety when she began dating controversial YouTube personality Jake Paul.

For the record, the couple split in the spring.

Rose’s next target is Playboy.

In a nod to Penthouse magazine, which once ran an ad saying: “We’re going rabbit-hunting,” ShagMag’s new campaign will soon be unveiled on Instagram.

“We are here to replace the bunny,” said Rose.

She envisions ShagMag in the same ilk as Playboy during its salad days when the mag transformed some of its models into stars that founder Hugh Hefner managed to achieve with the likes of Canadian-born Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith and Carmen Electra.

— Toronto Sun

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