Australia does not need or want the ‘BLM anarchy’ here: Pauline Hanson

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One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says the NSW government and police need to throw the book at Black Lives Matter protesters if they choose to disobey the court decision finding Tuesday’s protest illegal.

Black Lives Matter protest organisers have lost their appeal to hold a rally in the centre of Sydney on Tuesday.

The NSW Court of Appeal today upheld the Supreme Court’s decision to block the protest, meaning those who attend could face fines and possible arrest.

“I’d throw the book at them. I have no worries. Heavily fined, or those that are still organizing protests, well if that means a jail term, it’s a jail term,” Ms Hanson told Sky News host Peter Gleeson.

“They’re a law onto themselves. We don’t need or want that anarchy here in Australia.

“If you allow them to get away with it, and if the governments are not strong tomorrow and take the tough handed action against these people, they’ll continue doing whatever they want to do.”

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