BLM Marxist Thugs Invade Church Service, Assault Worshippers [Video]

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, BLM Marxist Thugs Invade Church Service, Assault Worshippers [Video], magAMedia

Black Lives Matter stormed a church service in Troy, New York, taking over the church and shouting “Black lives matter”, insulting worshippers and telling them “Jesus don’t love you.”

The small worship service at Grace Baptist Church was underway when at least 10 BLM thugs walked into the congregation and announced “Black lives matter.”

One masked BLM protestor walked up to a man inside the congregation and uncovered her tattoo, saying “Look. I’m a Christian preacher, you dumb f***.”

“Get the f*** out of my face before I slap you,” a woman is heard to say.

Security asks them to leave, saying “this is a house of God.”

The protestors and the worshippers call each other bro. “Everyone’s a brother here.”

“Jesus loves you,” a voice says.

Still no one involved in the incident has been charged with any criminal charges.

The church has responded to negative press

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Author: uwe.roland.gross

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