Allegheny County’s Tick Collector Warns of Lyme Disease Risks

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Leah Lamonte, vector control specialist for the Allegheny County Health Department, looks for blacklegged ticks in their nymph stage after dragging a cloth along a trail in Hartwood Acres on July 30, 2020, in Allison Park.

Allegheny County’s tick collector warns of Lyme disease risks

Pam Panchak / Post-GazetteAUG 7, 2020

After dragging a swath of white cloth the size of a doormat through the forest duff along a shaded, onetime bridle trail now well used by walkers and joggers in Hartwood Acres county park, Leah Lamonte had her tweezers out.

Ms. Lamonte is the vector control program coordinator for the Allegheny County Health Department, and the specks she plucked from the “drag cloth” last week looked like smudges of finely ground black pepper. Except they were moving.

As she delicately grabbed each tiny crawling dot and dropped it into a clear plastic vial filled with alcohol, she explained that she was collecting ticks, especially blacklegged ticks, the kind that carry Lyme disease and pass it to thousands of Pennsylvanians every year.  (See link for article)



Important takeaways:

  1. Lamonte states she’s finding ticks in every one of the city and county parks.
  2. She rightly assumes that every time she’s been in a park she’s been exposed to Lyme (if not other things as well).
  3. According to their results, 25% of nymphal deer ticks carry Lyme, while 50% of adults do. She states this is because adults have had two blood meals thereby increasing their risk.
  4. 4% carry Anaplasma
  5. 1% carry Babesia
  6. They repeat the mantra that a tick has to be attached for 36-48 hours when minimum attachment time has NEVER been determined.  I show here that within 4-6 hours a little girl couldn’t walk or talk after a tick bite:  It’s also been shown that ticks partially feed, drop off, and then attach to a new host. These partial feeders are able to transmit much more quickly:  and a more recent 2019 article:  This study was in castor bean ticks – still in the Ixodes family.
We really need to stop saying a tick has to be attached for hours and hours – giving people a false sense of security.

Author: uwe.roland.gross

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