Australia’s ‘overreaction’ to COVID-19 ‘damaged our society and economy’

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Sky News host Chris Kenny says Australia should have done more to protect the elderly and less to harm society and hurt the young in responding to COVID-19.

Mr Kenny said the fact Australia overreacted to the threat of the virus is becoming increasingly apparent as the country learns more about the virus, treatments improve, and fatality rates around the world drop.

Australian National University’s Professor Peter Collignon said in a tweet on Tuesday the estimated infection fatality rate was close to zero for children and younger adults, but reached 0.4 per cent at 55 years, 1.3 per cent at 65, 4.5 per cent at 75, and 15 per cent at 85.

“We should have been doing less to harm society, and hurt the young, and more to protect and support the elderly,” Mr Kenny said.

Mr Kenny said while the virus itself posed a moderate health risk to Australia, it was the country’s management of it which had damaged the nation’s society and economy incalculably.

He said the virus, as looked likely in February, “might always have been dealt with better by pulling out all stops to protect the vulnerable, to ring fence aged care homes and support the elderly, rather than crush society.”

“The more we know about this disease, how it behaves, how we can combat it, and the mistakes we’ve made, the more it’s clear we need to open up more, like Europe and North America, and learn to live with the disease,” he said.

Author: uwe.roland.gross

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