Massive protests break out in China’s Inner Mongolia; China arrests Aus anchor for Chinese state-TV

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China’s agriculture is already suffering from floods and drought. And now China’s southern provinces are facing their worst locust plague in decades.

Massive protests broke out over the weekend in Inner Mongolia. This came after a leaked secret order from Beijing, which some are calling a “cultural genocide.”

A high-profile Australian TV anchor has been detained in Beijing. She’s long appeared on business programs for China’s state-run English news channel CGTN. The news is adding fuel to already tense Australia-China relations.

China is hoping to get rid of its reliance on Western technology for high-end chips. With one key company coming to a halt, that dream is now hitting a major roadblock.

And the Czech Republic’s second highest official is in Taiwan on a six day visit against the will of China. The Czech official called on Taiwan to defend its freedom and said democratic countries should support each other.

Author: uwe.roland.gross

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