More”Breakthrough Cases”- Testing Positive After COVID “vaccine”  Video Here


More than two months in and the Covid injection still has not proven to stop infection or transmission of SARS-CoV2, which could explain what mainstream media is calling “breakthrough cases,” a phenomenon where people are testing positive for #Covid19 within a few days or weeks after getting the Covid shot.

Experts say you should continue to act as if you never got vaccinated.
The question to ponder of course, is why get the injection at all?

Del Bigtree’s question to Dr. Fauci is:

„How do we achieve herd immunity from a product that does not stop infection or transmission?“

Great question that deserves an answer.

As you can see here, many are testing positive for COVID and becoming ill after the injection, but we are continually told it isn’t due to the injection.

Some experts are also calling for a halt to the injections after a multitude of deaths.

Those trying to downplay „breakthrough cases“ state people should just, „Stop Stressing Post-Vax Risk of Spreading Coronavirus.“ I encourage you to read the article for yourself but the take home is this particular doctor, and others like him, don’t want anything to stop people from getting vaccinated.

This ideology is rampant, but the question has always been about risk and that’s a decision each individual must make for himself – without threats and punishment. See:

Besides not stopping transmission and infection, experts have warned about this injection increasing HIV risk.

The belief that everyone, regardless of risk,should be vaccinated „for the greater good“ overlooks the many subsets of people who for various reasons shouldn’t be vaccinated – particularly with this experimental, fast-tracked injection that does very little, if anything at all, with warnings and reports of serious adverse reactions and deaths occurring daily.

Do your own reading and don’t be coerced into doing something you very well may regret later.

For those who believe that the injection will help things return to „normal,“ Dr. Fauci states Americans will be wearing masks in 2022.

via Madison Area Lyme Support Group

February 24, 2021

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