Wie viel Kohlekraftwerke wurden zwischen 2006 bis 2019 weltweit gebaut?

Rentnerbetrug in Deutschland

Wie Irre die Diskussion in Deutschland über die Erderwärmung läuft, kann man auf dieser Webseite sehen. Die Welt baut Kohlekraftwerke ohne Ende. Offensichtlich spielt die  kommende Erderwärmung, wie von NGOs und Grünen behauptet keine Rolle. Die Statistik zeigt MW an.

Vergleicht mal China 735,276 MW und Deutschland 9,7442. Weltweit werden Kohlekraftwerke gebaut und genutzt.


World Total88,54095,18171,68076,83489,40592,97584,13081,19672,120105,83784,06962,57550,2651,054,807
Outside India and China7,2858,0054,36210,42913,35414,95413,96011,10112,78019,29017,80918,8428,031160,202
India and China81,25587,17667,31866,40576,05178,02170,17070,09559,34086,54766,26043,73342,234894,605

Hier mal die ersten Zeilen der Aufzählung. Die ganze Statistik findet man hier


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MISDepartment was aware of “APT28”

Iowa Climate Science Education

One of the key allegations in the Russian hoax is that the DNC has been hacked by a Russian government hacking groups, named Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear by Crowdstrike, APT28 and APT29 by FireEye. I fell for this trick, and have been using notation like Fancy Bear / APT28. Fancy Bear and APT28 are the same only in one sense – they don’t exist as groups of people or organizations. If the names are used as names of malware families and/or intrusion scenarios (“what we call collectively APT28,” in the words of Guillaume Poupard, the head French cyber security agency ANSSI), they refer to different things, not necessarily well defined.

For example, the technical description of Fancy Bear malware, allegedly found by CrowdStrike in the DNC network, and the technical description of APT28 malware by FireEye lack even commonality, much less similarity. They describe totally…

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Oberlin May Finally Be the SJW Tipping Point; The Press Can Only Hide this Insanity for So Long

CO2 is Life

Oberlin College Social Justice Warfare on Gibson’s Bakery “the worst of identity politics” (Source)

And the harassment continues elsewhere. BTW, what Jack is essentially doing is censoring certain messages, very similar to that Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If they succeed in destroying Jack, I hope the lawyers use this case to go after Silicon Valley.

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