Community based Forest Conservation Efforts: Arabuko Sokoke Community, Kenya.


Arabuko-Sokoke Forest (Gede) - 2020 All You Need to Know BEFORE ...
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Reviews of Arabuko Sokoke (From 4 Acclaimed Safari Experts)

There has been tremendous decline in coastal forests over the decades. Arabuko Sokoke forest in Kenya is remnant and its endowed with rich biodiversity. The Kenya forest service works with three community forest associations in venturing into Nature based enterprises within this forest. Eco-tourism, beekeeping, tree planting and butterfly farming are the NBEs. Since 1993, the UNDP-GEF project funded the inception of Kipepeo project where women farms and exports butterflies abroad. This project has grown over the decades impacting positively on the community and environment.

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State Sanctioned Slaughter: Wind Industry Killing Thousands Of Bald Eagles With Complete Impunity


Cars, cats and skyscrapers don’t kill Eagles – like the critically endangered Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle, but 60m wind turbine blades with their tips travelling at 350Kph routinely smash them out of existence.

The current crop of well-fed and poorly educated teens raging against the evil patriarchy and its grand conspiracy to cook the planet and demanding immediate ‘climate action’ – code for carpeting the planet in windmills and solar panels – either have no idea about the carnage caused by these things, or they couldn’t care less.

Millions of tonnes of beneficial bugs get splattered annually, along with millions of birds and bats, some of them being among the last of their kind.

All, as we’re constantly berated, in the name of ‘saving’ Mother Earth. [Note to Ed: with friends like that, who needs enemies?]

Denial, obfuscation and outright lies are the stock in trade the wind industry…

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