Ken Jebsen Reichsbürger!!!??? / Zweiter Shutdown im August !!!?

Robert Götz Matuschewski sendet noch einen Gutenachtgruß vom Bundestag!

Viele schöne Themen von Ken Jebsen über Heiko Maas bis zum RKI.

Nur schönes aus dem Land in dem wir gut und gerne leben!


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Video: Rep. Ilhan Omar Proudly Calls Biden’s Platform “Most Progressive Ever”

For anyone paying attention, Biden has been co-opted by the far-left Democrats like Rep. Omar, but he’s trying to straddle the fence to gain votes from the moderate Democrats. This is why it’s important to get videos like this one out there.

Yes, it’s true that Biden is running on the “most progressive platform a president has ever run on,” and that should scare every voter who cares about America’s future.

TRANSCRIPT: “Right now we have a candidate for president within the Democratic Party who I just endorsed and brought along many of our constituents to get behind and support Joe Biden as the president because I understand that we’ve had…we’ve now had an opportunity to move his platform to be more progressive…the most progressive platform a president has ever run on on the Democratic side”

Vice President Mike Pence just went after Joe Biden, calling him out for his “radical agenda” of socialism.

In an uncharacteristically, hard-hitting speech, Pence delivered a campaign-like statement on the choice in 2020…”freedom and opportunity” or “socialism and decline.”

VP Pence mentioned how Sen. Bernie Sanders and Biden had joined forces for a far-left agenda. A great point to make in contrasting President Trump’s policies against the far-left agenda of Sanders. Sanders recently spoke out about how he was able to make Biden move far left, and radical leftist Angela Davis also expressed her approval for having Biden as a candidate because he’s easy to influence.

Joe Biden has enlisted far-left Democrats AOC, Bernie Sanders, and Beto O’Rourke to help him with policy. They’ve pulled him to the far-left on several important agendas like global warming via the Green New Deal, gun rights, and raising taxes.

VP Mike Pence called out “Trojan Horse” Biden today:

Vice President Mike Pence on Friday cast the 2020 presidential election as a choice between “freedom and opportunity” or “socialism and decline,” delivering a clear signal of the Trump campaign’s message as it gears up for the final months before Election Day.

The far left is dragging Biden across the finish line in this election, but Biden has already spoken out about his policies.

-Biden is on the record in support of the Green New Deal, which is more about socialism than climate. Redistribution of wealth by using your hard-earned money via taxes will skyrocket under Biden.

-Biden has already said he will raise taxes.

-Biden recently said he wants unlimited immigration and is for open borders.

-Biden is the darling of the teacher’s union and will throw money at them if he’s elected.

-Biden will follow the movement to take funds away from our police force and distribute it to social justice causes.

-Biden will move to a single-payer system in healthcare.

The Socialist movement will use Biden as their puppet all the way if he’s elected.


NFAC Militia Leader Grandmaster Jay Has No Clue How A Gun Works [Video] — magAMedia

Grandmaster Jay from the NFAC [Not F*cking Around Coalition] has repeatedly claimed that he is a former member of the US military and that he is a well trained soldier. The only problem is, in videos where he talks about guns he proves he has no idea what he is talking about. Last week 3…

NFAC Militia Leader Grandmaster Jay Has No Clue How A Gun Works [Video] — magAMedia